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I just came across your website from Someone had bookmarked and shared your journey. Very interesting! I will definitely follow up on you guys. I wish you all the best!

  • Lesley
  • July 23rd 2008

Looked at your site, loved the photos, hope you enjoy the rest of your American Vacation! Love Lesley, Peter and William.

I *love* this site & will be living vicariously through it.  What a great idea for a trip.  Enjoy, soak it up, and thanks for sharing.

  • LIzz Zakis
  • July 7th 2008

Hey guys!  We were your neighbors at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park.  Hope your trip is going well.  Be sure to stop at Mesa Verde in Cortez, Colorado (this is where the Indian Dwellings carved into the mountains are).  It is a sight you will never forget.  It was a pleasure meeting you and drive carefully!

(Andy says: Hey guys, it was great to meet you too. I hope you made it to Kingman OK and that the kids are behaving themselves. We made it to Albuquerque on time today, where we are spending a couple of nights at the Enchanted Trails park before pressing on up north. Take care, stay in touch.)

Is that station guard Andy’s younger brother? It sure looks like him.

  • Mum & Dad Ward
  • July 1st 2008

Hope your trip is going smoothly now.  Have enjoyed the pictures. Have heard from Bernie and Trudy, shall we give them your holiday web site.  Have fun.  Love from us.

(Sue says: Yeah, give Bernie and Trudy the web site address)

Yes, I see the route now—had forgotten how it was to go. What a great tour! I’m sad that you guys are in PHX just a month before I move there (it will be even hotter then), we could have done dinner. Have an awesome time - be sure to stop in Sedona on the way to Grand Canyon. Gorgeous. (Hike the Bell Rock. Fun, simple, beautiful.) And try to relax… something I sorely need to learn. ;)

Ciao, Stef.

Hey Andy/Sue/Alex :) Can’t wait to see all the photos, hope the XTi is working out as-planned.

Enjoy the states, and be safe.

Should be an amazing trip. Have fun and be safe

Have an excellent journey!  I’ve been to some of the places you’ve got listed on your route (from a big journey I made in the past) so I’ve got a rough idea of what’s ahead for you, but I think you’ll have an even better time.  It will no doubt be a great experience for everyone involved and I wish you the best of travels!

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