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  • Amy
  • June 26th 2008

Hi Alex, hope you’re having fun. Check your emails sometime won’t you.

  • Garrad
  • June 26th 2008

Your finaly on your way.
Great website.  Will follow your trail and enjoy reading about your adventures and viewing the pictures.  Sounds like a fantastic experience so have a safe journey and enjoy every minute of it.


Here’s wishing Family Clarke all the very best as they cross a continent. Good luck and enjoy the trip!

If you’re looking for something to do, give me a holler. Would love an excuse to play travel guide here in Berkeley if you make it over the bridge! We’d all love to see you and yours! Warm regards, Nancy

Have a great time guys! Bonding travel is it? is over there on a similar round-North-America trip at the moment.

bon voyage,

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