A fleeting glimpse

19 July 2008

Today we pressed on on our journey between two oceans, not at all reluctant to leave Colorado and we entered Wyoming. Since the beginning of the trip we had looked forward to getting here and Dad had often used Douglas Wyoming as comparison to places we were.

Pretty much as soon as we reached the border to Wyoming the landscape changed, leaving behind the spiritless farms and fields of crops that had reminded us so much of southern England, only to be replaced by… nothing.
Wyoming is just as absent as I had hoped it would be, beautiful, unspoilt countryside with no sign of civilisation in sight, except for the rather empty road. 

As much as we loved the countryside of this charming state, we ended up with mixed opinions about the one little nowhere town we stopped in, Chugwater.  While Dad found the absence of anything remotely interesting beautiful, Mum and I stared in disbelief as a single car appeared on the horizon and then proceeded to move very slowly along the straight road that stretched as far as the eye can see. 

Moving swiftly on away from the middle of nowhere we found ourselves back on the interstate but not for very long as we were soon swept off the beaten track with the promise of an old fort. This, unlike Chugwater did not disappoint.  We found ourselves wandering around a beautiful partially restored fort with an artillery demonstration and all.  We wandered around for quite a while but by the end we were all very thirsty, but that wasn’t anything an ice cold bottle of Sarsaparilla couldn’t cure.

A couple of hour of driving later found us at a natural bridge cut by the river though the sandstone, which I’m sure is astounding to some but wasn’t very spectacular compared to the gorge and tunnels at Minerve in France. 

Our day in Wyoming has been a most enjoyable one, I wish we had spent more time here but tomorrow we’re heading off again into South Dakota.  Good bye Wyoming, your natural beauty has left astonished, even if your towns were less than impressive.

By Alex Clarke

Your messages

  • Donna
  • July 22nd 2008

There are more horses in Wyoming than people. I’ve been there a number of times and the middle to the northwest is absolutely stunning. Great fishing as well, which not many will tell you about, they don’t want it to become like Montana.

Sounds like you are all having fun. It’s fun following your travels.


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