A Grand (Canyon) Day Out

03 July 2008

A Grand (Canyon) Day Out

The Grand Canyon Railway RV Park in Williams is the biggest park that we have stayed in so far on this trip with almost 300 lots full of some of the most spectacular motor-homes that I have ever seen.

Some people must be really practiced at the traveling lifestyle malarkey as some of the vehicles parked nearby resemble rock band tour busses, making our thirty foot rented RV look like a Morris Traveller. Behind some of these huge busses they are towing Jeeps larger than my Honda, Harley Davidson motorcycles and sometimes both. Some busses have slide-outs wider than our RV and one family three lots up from ours are packing their own portable satellite TV dish.

Today we headed out of Williams to the Grand Canyon on the sixty-five mile stretch of historic railroad, but before we boarded we were treated to a Wild West gunfight show. It was fun to watch if only for the bemused look on the two horses faces as they stared at the assembled watching tourists but took no other part in the tomfoolery.

Mimi, our cabin services supervisor helped speed the two hour trip to the South Rim of the canyon along. Mimi, who is from Chicago, came to Arizona on holiday in May and decided to stay, finding a job on the train. Who can blame her?

What can I say? The Grand Canyon is certainly grand. If they’d called it the Spectacular Canyon or the Bloody Hell, It’s Bigger Than I Imagined Canyon, they could never describe just how incredible the views are. We took a bus tour to several photo opportunity spots along the South Rim and for most of the time wandered around in silence, stunned by a landscape than I don’t think can ever be done justice in photos. Still, I did try and I put my new Canon XTi to sterling use.

The ride back to Williams was peppered by Mimi’s banter and by a mock hold-up of the train by masked gunmen. I think I got off lucky as the desperadoes only managed to wrestled two Dollars from my iron clad wallet.

I saved the biggest tip for Mimi who has invited us to hang out with her for the Fourth Of July celebrations tomorrow in Williams. All in all, today was a grand day out.

By Andy Clarke

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  • The Wards
  • July 4th 2008

Glad you are having a good time still raining here.

(Andy says: It’s raining here in Williams, Arizona too. And on the Fourth Of July too.)

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