A hoss of a different colour

02 July 2008

As we set off again to travel in time and space we decided to take a scenic route through Sedona instead of staying on the freeway the whole time. We looked at the map and asked at the campsite which way would be the best to take a 30’ RV through and once we’d decided we head off. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite so simple. As we got onto the road we soon discovered large road works that made our journey quite treacherous with the Tardis.

The landscape was beautiful with tall tower like rock formations and it was easy to imagine Native American Indians sending signals from around them.  On the few occasions when we had the chance to stop we admired the magnificent landscape. 

The road was scary to say the least.  Switch-back turns for as far as the eye can see and narrow lanes - not RV land!  When we finally made it into Williams Arizona and found the campsite we’re staying in for 3 days the first thing we noticed was the lack of WiFi. 

We went out looking for something to eat and on our travels through what we thought was a one hoss town we saw what we thought was 2 hoss’, we now know that it was in fact the hoss of a different colour everyone’s been talking about.  We had lunch in an authentic american restaurant where we had Mexican food.  Unfortunately Mum and I were both rather unwell that night, something that we attribute to the salad.

By Alex Clarke

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