Bear Proof Dumpster

12 July 2008

Tomorrow we say a sad Goodbye to New Mexico and head north across its border with Colorado. Tonight's stop is at the Cedar Rail RV Park and Campground, a functional but characterless patch of gravel just east of Interstate 25.

On this trip we decided to stay at as many independent campgrounds as we could, opting for KOA sites only when they were the best alternative or our only option. Choosing campgrounds by looking at web sites can be tricky and we have struck gold with every one so far. That is until we reached Raton.

Maybe it was because I was tired from the long drive, but I am sure that the lady who checked us in on our arrival (I’ll call her Marlene) had five fingers. The young man whose golf cart we followed to our hookup (I’ll call him Marlon Jnr.) certainly had the strangest, wild, staring eyes. But it was their dire warnings about bears that wander into the campground scavenging for food that disturbed me the most.

Later, when I was taking out our bag of rubbish, including the carcus of tonight’s chicken dinner, to the bear-proof dumpster, I was constantly looking over my shoulder.

But I’m not sure who I would be most scared of encountering after dark. Marlene, Marlon Jnr. or the bears? 

By Andy Clarke

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