Between Two Oceans

25 June 2008

Between Two Oceans

In June and July 2008, we took a trip of a lifetime between two oceans. We started on the Pacific coast by leaving our hearts in San Francisco, headed east across the United States to New York and the Atlantic ocean. Along the way we experienced the heat of an Arizona summer, the beauty of New Mexico and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado before heading north via Wyoming into the badlands of South Dakota. This site is our record of our amazing journey.

We visited places that we had only read about in books, met some amazing people along the way and learned a huge amount about the sights we saw, the United States and most importantly about ourselves.

Now that our trip is complete, I have rearranged this site into chronological order, so that you can read about our adventures from the start in San Francisco, to the end in New York City. Just follow the next and previous links at the bottom of each entry. Or if you’re keen to learn about what we experienced in any particular place along the route, you can click or tap on the markers on the map at the top of each page.

You’ll find our written record, plus photos that we uploaded to Flickr and a few short videos to give you a taste of what it’s like to travel by plane, road and rail between two oceans.

Start here with our first entry from San Francisco.

By Andy Clarke

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What a wonderful trip you, Sue and Alex had. Definitely one for the books. I actually think you’ve seen more of the states than most Americans, myself included.

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