26 July 2008

I dedicate this post to our faithful RV, you were our home for several weeks and while it may have been a little hard to sleep properly in you that was mostly because of the weather.

When we first picked up our RV in Phoenix I remember wondering not only about what the RV itself would be like but also what spending all that time in a small space with my parents would be like.  The first few days were a bit scary and I made a habit of staying quiet on small roads and at junctions but as the days went by Dad must have got better at driving because we started to really enjoy it.  My bed above the cab was a welcome retreat and I spent a lot of time there drawing and emailing my girlfriend.

The cooking facilities were not the best in the world although we (Mum) managed and we didn’t have to put up with hot bread instead of toast for long.  It wasn’t overly easy finding food that I can eat but due to the wonders of The Whole Food Stores I managed not to starve. 

The cupboards could have been larger but we managed to fit everything in and even the fridge held most of what needed to be kept cool, the rest went in an ice box in the shower.

I think I may even miss the famous poopy pipe, not because of what he was was or what he did but because of what he symbolised:  The freedom to travel.

So long RV, you’ve been a perfect companion on our journey Between Two Oceans. 

By Alex Clarke

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