First of many days

27 June 2008

This has been a really great first day, the first of hopefully many great days.

We had a pretty good flight all things considered, although it was painfully uneventful.  There were some good films on and I had music so it wasn’t too bad.  Our hotel is quite nice and I can now get WiFi so I’ll be able to talk to you and other people. 

Today we took a walk around San Francisco, went to Union Square and walked around the shops, went into the Apple Store but I couldn’t spot the difference between it and the Regent Street one.  We had the most amazing lunch in a little tea lounge, I had some Vegan Iced Tea and halloumi salad which I would highly recommend to anyone in near or in San Francisco.  We saw the Martin Luther King memorial and went into the Museum of Modern Art.  Then we caught a street car down to the water and saw the sea lions then walked for absolutely ages because Dad didn’t remember where it was, to a really nice food place then caught a taxi back.  San Francisco is a really lovely place, its nice and open and has a lovely atmosphere, I’m glad we’re here for a few more days, this has been a really great first day, the first of hopefully many great days

By Alex Clarke

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  • Lowri ward
  • June 27th 2008

How are you doing? Hope you are doing OK.

Love, Lowri

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