Flying the Skycoaster (video)

14 July 2008

The Royal Gorge campground, outside Canon City Colorado, where we're spending our last night tonight is spookily close to The Royal Gorge.

I've been surprised at how beautiful the weather is in this part of Colorado. It's warm, sunny but with a cooling breeze. We didn't feel too much like straying too far from this lovely independent park and as we weren't tempted to wet ourselves while white-water rafting on the Arkansas River, we headed instead for the gorge.

The canyon below the rim in places reaches 1200 feet, so what better way to see it than being strapped into a harness and propelled over the edge on a giant swing? We flew 100 feet above the deck and 1300 feet above the river.

Unlike most of the Americans flying the Royal Rush Skycoaster before and after us, we remained very British, dignified and we refused to scream.

Things we remembered later

While it could never compete with the, err, grandeur of Grand Canyon, Royal Gorge was very worth seeing for its natural scenery and the bridge that crosses it 1200 feet above the river. We've added a short video of us crossing the Royal Gorge on Vimeo. plus an alternative video of us flying the Skycoaster that Sue took using our Flip video camera.

By Andy Clarke

Your messages

Hey Andy. Looks like you guys are having a blast! Spare a thought for us little people back in Blighty soaking up all the crap weather!

That Skycoaster looked amazing! Have a safe trip!


  • Drew
  • July 14th 2008

I politely applaud your sense of adventure. Pip pip!

Oh man that looks like fun.

  • James Donovan
  • July 15th 2008

Looks as if you are all having a great time.  When is the video of the inside of the RV? Wish I was there!

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