Gusty Winds May Exist

07 July 2008

This morning we headed east again from Gallup, notable it seems only as a stop-off on the way to somewhere else. Our goal was another 120 miles to Albuquerque along Interstate 40. I've been looking forward to reaching Albuquerque and to spending a couple of nights here.

The drive along I40 was uneventful but fascinating as we watched the landscape change several times along the route. The rain that has been following us along the highway must have found something more interesting than us to entertain it for a while, so the weather stayed hot enough to make the heat haze shimmer on this impossibly straight road.

Determined to have a less stressful day than yesterday, we tuned the iPod into the RV’s radio and filled it with a mixture of Deep Purple, Cream, Clapton and the inevitable dose of Paul Weller to make the miles disappear. Along the way I could watch the world on and around the highway go by and try to make sense of some of the things that I’ve seen along the way.

Gusty Winds May Exist

Several times along our route into New Mexico, I saw signs warning of cross-winds whose strange wording made me smile. They read, Gusty Winds May Exist. This seemed so much more complicated that simply Warning: Side Winds or even Strong Winds Possible, but Exist? What else might exist I wondered?

  • Aliens May Exist (this is New Mexico after all)
  • Sub-Neutrino Particles May Exist
  • George W. Bush’s Brain May Exist (possible, but not at all likely)
  • Brains Of People Who Voted For Dubya May Exist (highly unlikely)

Of course, being in the United States it might be politically incorrect to suggest that God May Not Exist, but the thought still crossed my mind.

By Andy Clarke

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cf. The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams, who also took great delight in exactly these roadsigns.

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