Half way mark

12 July 2008

Yesterday marked the half way mark on our journey of a life time and our first stop on our route for the day was the lovely town of Taos. We wandered around the shops, I was looking for a Navajo guitar slide but didn't find one. The town was beautiful and I wandered around going in and out of little shops. As the heat of the sun got to us we stopped and had a wonderful drink in a little juice bar. Half watermelon juice and half lemonade.

Before we left we stopped in a shoe shop with the aim of buying some Moccasins.  I didn’t know this but by US Law you have to wear socks while trying on shoes, and since I wasn’t wearing any I had to use their disposable socks (seriously, who makes disposable socks?) that were essentially very small tights.

Feeling the urge to get back on the road we reluctantly left Taos and the beauty of New Mexico and headed north on our way to Colorado passing the most amazing countryside. 

I foolishly decided to upgrade my iPhone software to 2.0, which due to the sheer volume of people trying to do the same thing left me temporarily without an iPhone, which ordinarily would not have been a problem (being in the US an’ all) but my iPhone held a picture of my girlfriend that I had been carrying around with me absolutely everywhere until then.

By Alex Clarke

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