Happy Cog

29 July 2008

Happy Cog

As I work mainly alone from my studio at home, it's always fun to see how my friends, who work from offices, have their spaces set up.

After we had packed our bags for the last time and left them at the hotel’s luggage locker, I left Sue and Alex to their own nefarious purposes for a few hours and hopped in a cab downtown to visit my friends Jeffrey and Jason at their new Happy Cog offices on swanky Fifth Avenue. The cab driver over-shot a little, but it was a lovely walk for a few blocks north through Madison Square Park.

Happy Cog now share office space with spectacular and inspiring views. Looking between Jeffrey’s and Jason’s iMacs you can just make out the East River across the rooftops of lower buildings, some of which have their own rooftop garden oases. From their shared meeting room you can even look up at the top of the Empire State Building.

Jeffrey showed me around, including a peek into their half of the library that looks to be mostly full of translations of Jeffrey’s book, Designing With Web Standards. Jason’s books are (apparently) still at home and there is a couple of feet of empty shelf space waiting for him to fill it.

I hijacked their wifi for a short while, posed for a picture and then Jeffrey, Rob and I walked a few blocks for a Thai lunch. It was a shame that Jason was too bloody miserable busy with work to join us, but I’ll be seeing him and Jeffrey again, God willing, in Chicago in October.

Knowing that we’d soon be needing to make our way to John F. Kennedy International Airport for our 6:05pm flight to Manchester, I reluctantly hugged Jeffrey goodbye (and shook Rob’s hand in a manly way as he had kindly paid for lunch), then took the fifteen minute cab ride uptown to our hotel. Before long, we were all collected and so were our bags and we were in a cab again towards the airport and our overnight flight home.

This part of our journey in New York City has not been one of our most favourite parts of traveling between two oceans. Manhattan is crowded, hot and noisy with tourists at this time of year, but it was made a special ending to our trip because of our friends who live there.

Thanks to Jeffrey, Carrie, Ava, Rob and Jason, you made New York City the perfect ending to the perfect journey.

By Andy Clarke

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