More than a one hoss town

02 July 2008

More than a one hoss town

Our adventure between two oceans is now in full swing and we're getting pretty accustomed to the RV traveling life. Yesterday we left the Black Canyon City region and headed north up Interstate 17 to the first of our set pieces at the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Switchbacks in Sedona

When I planned our route north from Phoenix I'd wanted to drive via Sedona as it had come highly recommended for its beautiful scenery. There were two possible diversion routes to Sedona, either taking us west to Prescott or driving first further up I17 and then directly to the town of Sedona.

The helpful lady behind the reception desk at the Black Canyon City KOA campground advised us that the route via Prescott to Sedona would be difficult in an RV as the road had tight, twisty turns. So we headed directly to Sedona before rejoining I17 near Flagstaff. What the lady forgot to mention, or maybe didn't know, was that the road from Sedona back to the Interstate was also very twisty and driving the RV was possibly one of the scariest things that I've ever done.

Thanks more to luck than my driving ability, and with an unplanned detour in Flagstaff and the destruction of only three unfortunate traffic cones, we made it to Williams, our home for the next three nights while we experience the Grand Canyon.

More than a one hoss town

I had expected Williams to be little more than a place to park our RV while we took trips to the Grand Canyon, sixty-five miles and two and a half hours away by historic steam train. Infact, it turned out to be a real surprise. Williams sits right on the old Route 66 and while it's main purpose today seems to be servicing tourists visiting the canyon, it has been maintained and restored as to maintain what I imagine to be an Old West charm.

We ate Mexican food in Pancho McGillicuddy's, accompanied by a Texan guitar player who seemed to have a passion for playing Beatles songs in a country style (Norwegian Wood was my particular favourite). He was only interrupted by a Civil War US Army brass band who played songs from the Civil War to raise money to put their young members through college.

I have never been in the US during the Fourth Of July independence (from us colonial oppressors) celebrations and I hope that it will be a real treat to spend this Fourth Of July in Williams. There may be no fireworks as the area is in a state of high fire alert, but I'm sure the town will put on quite a party.

By Andy Clarke

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