On a grand scale

03 July 2008

On a grand scale

The grand canyon is one of those places I've always wanted to go to, but unlike most of those places we've come across on our trip, this one exceeded all expectations, not that the others are disappointing.

The next day we caught a train ride to the Grand Canyon, after seeing quite an amusing wild west show.  The train was long and so was the journey taking us through some of the most beautiful countryside I’ve ever been through.  On the train we had a Native American musician who I quite enjoyed listening to. 

When we got to the canyon it quite took my breath away.  It was huge, not just really big but absolutely enormous!  No, I’m serious.  Photos of it can’t quite capture its scale but that didn’t stop us trying and together we took over 200 pictures.  There is no way to describe the scale of it, even the word “Awesome”, which I reserve only for things of enormous magnitude doesn’t come close to covering this canyon. 

I’m not even going to attempt to describe its beauty or magnificence for that cannot be done, instead I’m going to recommend the Grand Canyon to anyone with eyes. 

By Alex Clarke

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Hah! I completely agree. We were there in March (took my 16 year old) and it was my first time as well. Amazing doesn’t cover it. We took zillions of pictures. Saw a California Condor (and lots of other wildlife)… We only had a day on the way from Sedona to Las Vegas. Since I’m only going to be living a few hours from there soon, I plan to take my mom in October and spend a bit more time there. :)


I went to the Grand Canyon about 20 years and lot of pounds ligher and hiked to the bottom and back out. It still to this day amazes me how large a place it is and how difficult it is to describe to people how have never seen what it’s like. I would really like to go back again and spend more than two days hiking.

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