Outside The Van (video)

13 July 2008

I thought that it would be a nice idea to put our Flip Ultra video camera to use and show you a little about the RV that we are driving between two oceans.


We’re here at the Royal Gorge campground which is outside Canon City, Colorado and we’re halfway through the trip so I thought it would be a nice idea if we showed you a little bit about the van, a little bit about the RV that we are driving across America on this trip.

So this is the big storage compartment. The van’s got lots of these so we can hide things away. This is the one that I sleep in when I’m in the dog house every night.

And as we move along, this is the technical bit. This is where the propane gas goes and we have to disconnect the propane gas every time we fill up with fuel but this thing drives the refrigerator every time we’re not plugged into mains power and it also drives the cooker as well. We don’t need any of that at the moment.

We’ve got another compartment in here which is where we keep our tumbleweed that we picked up in Arizona. I’m not actually sure if it’s a tumbleweed, it might just be a bush, but we’re going to call it a tumbleweed.

And there’s another big compartment that we keep our cases and bags and stuff in. You’re not really supposed to put anything in there that needs to be waterproof or secure but we just throw lots of stuff in there.

So around this side of the RV is the stuff that we have to take care of every day when we hook up to one of these campsites including filling up with water. So this is our main fifty-gallon water tank that we carry onboard the whole time just incase we encounter a desert or we’re not able to get mains water.

When we’re in a campsite we hook up to this mains water supply here. I haven’t got this turned on at the moment as we’re in a dry area and I don’t want to be wasting water - this connection is a little bit flaky so I don’t want to be dripping everywhere.

This compartment here is the other side of that great big compartment that runs all the way through the back that we keep our suitcases in.

This is the on-board generator and we only use this when we’re not hooked up to the mains electricity. We’ve only had to use this once. It runs on gasoline so you mustn’t keep it running for too long, otherwise it uses your fuel.

Petrol, obviously. We’re using a lot of that in America but it’s far cheaper than it is in the UK. And then this is the shoreline as they call it, a great, big, fat electric cable that plugs into the RV. And every campground has got one of these so we just have to plug this in every day and hook up. It runs all of the air-conditioning, the cooker, the lights, all the stuff we have to use. It charges our iPods, iPhones, Macs, all that stuff.

And if you look down here, we’ll come to this in a minute, this is the smelly bit, this is the sewer connector where we have to connect our poopy pipe once every couple of days. Speaking of the poopy pipe, the actual hose is in there. I won’t get it out because it’s a rubber glove job.

We’re going to be posting little videos as we go, now that we’ve got our little Flip video camera, as well as photos. Tomorrow we’re going to show you what’s going on inside the RV.

By Andy Clarke

Your messages

This is wonderful. I know I will enjoy seeing these videos. You’re just making us all more jealous that we ourselves aren’t on a trip like this by adding videos in addition to all the wonderful photos and journal.

The trip sounds like it is going great for you three. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride.

Awesome! - Just got back from holiday myself, this website is a great idea!—Now why didn’t I think of this?

  • goodwitch
  • July 13th 2008

Yep, that is a tumbleweed… a little flat, but still a tumble :)

  • John
  • July 13th 2008

Nice one Andy! Been following your adventures via ‘Twitter’ which takes me here, and what a great way share your journey across the US with us.

Thanks, John

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