29 June 2008


Yesterday the effects of the long flight from the UK seemed to have kicked in and everyone was feeling the effects of the jet-lag.

After a leisurely wake up, we wandered across to the wonderful Samovar Tea Room that we have discovered close to the Martin Luther King Memorial and Metreon Center for brunch. The food and selection of teas there is quite the most amazing that I have ever tasted and the only failing seems to be that whatever someone else has ordered looks nicer than what arrives on your plate.

We’d decided to have a quieter, more relaxing day, so after mooching in the bookstore and buying a fantastic book on poster art, we wandered down Market Street towards San Francisco Civic Center with the aim of exploring a museum. In the square, preparations for Pride, San Francisco’s gay and lesbian celebrations, were in full swing and the area around Civic Center was already full of stalls. Tomorrow’s festival looks set to be an amazingly colourful affair.

With our feet getting sore and energy definitely flagging, we decided to head back to the hotel so that we could try our luck at downloading the penultimate episode of Doctor Who. I was convinced that the hotel network wasn’t going to accommodate us, but only an hour or so later we were crowded round the laptop enjoying our usual Saturday night time traveling treat. And holy Tardis, what an episode it was. This season just keeps getting better and the climax left both Alex and I shaking our sonic screwdrivers at the laptop screen wanting more and scouring the web for a trailer for next week’s climax.

It seems weird (and annoying) that we had to resort to illegally downloading Doctor Who from BitTorrent instead of enjoying the show and all it’s supporting content legally via the BBC iPlayer. While I can understand that there must be some restrictions to access to iPlayer, you would think that with all of the license fee payer money that has been invested in it by the BBC, that as license payers we should be able to somehow enter in our license number into iPlayer and enjoy the content that we pay for from anywhere in the world.

Next week we’ll be at the Grand Canyon in Arizona when the season finale airs. I’m hoping that there too, we’ll be able to find a web connection in our RV (I want to call it Tardis) that is reliable enough for us to watch it or there may be two very unhappy (time) travellers. 

By Andy Clarke

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