Storm shelter

24 July 2008

Storm shelter

We arrived at our campground just south of Minneapolis today, for our last night in our RV. Pat, the helpful lady on reception checked us in, told me where the showers and laundry were to be found, plus another vital piece of information (apparently). The location of the underground storm shelter.

As we’re in Scott County, Minnesota, there is a good chance that at this time of year we may encounter a big storm. The kind that has big rain, big wind and big thunder too. We’ll thankfully know when a storm is coming by the sirens sounding. Then we can drop everything and head for the shelter, no doubt to cuddle up closely with our fellow campers until (presumably) the all clear notice is given.

We’ve not had to take on-board such advice anywhere else on this trip and personally I’m hoping that if the siren does sound, it will be well after we’re in the air on our way to New York City tomorrow. 

By Andy Clarke

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  • Steve Jebson
  • July 25th 2008

Don’t come back! Where’s does my imagination go next week? Or the week after? Turn south, head for the border, run boy run!

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