The reality bomb

10 July 2008

Yesterday we took a trip up to Los Alamos, the place where they developed the nuclear bomb and what I saw there horrified me. I had expected that there would be information on the science behind the bomb, where and how it was used and tested. What I did not expect was the spin and the biased points of view that littered the museum.

To me, the very fact of its development should be a major source of embarrassment to any country. That wasn’t the picture being painted.  They seemed proud that they had developed and used it (I appreciate that nuclear technology was inevitable and that someone would have made it at sometime).  I was quite frankly disgusted by the spin put on it and they made out that without a weapon of mass destruction there could not be peace.  If you ask me the only peace you can have while a weapon like that is in the hands of one country and not another is kind of peace where the country without a bomb is too terrified to not do the other country’s bidding.

This lead me to wonder why.  Why is America so obsessed with weapons?  Why do they appear unable to stop messing around in foreign affairs and why do they consider themselves the sherif in some Hollywood Wild West story?

Probably because of weapons of mass destruction but I couldn’t help thinking of the Daleks in Doctor Who.  This season’s finale had another weapon of mass destruction, one that destroyed everything, and I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen If the people from the Manhattan Project got their hands on a “Reality Bomb”, would they use that in the name of freedom and peace. 

On a final note, I wonder what horrors people are dreaming up in a secret facilities right now.  I dread to think.

By Alex Clarke

Your messages

Such great incites from someone so young in years, but old and worldly. Thanks, for getting me to think about this event, for someone who lives in the U.S., but was not alive then.

Thanks again.

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