The wonderful wizard of AZ

01 July 2008

As the second stage of our journey begins, I can’t help to feel slightly homesick. It hadn’t dawned on me that we would be spending several weeks in a van away from almost everything I know. However, I have looked forward to this moment for months and am full of anticipation. We haven’t yet picked up our RV and we’re waiting in the pick up place for it.

My first impressions of Arizona when we landed was that it was hot, very very very hot!  From leaving the plane we could feel the scorching heat through the bridge to airport and as we walked at the door I was almost crippled by the heat, it didn’t take me long to acclimatise myself though but I hope it doesn’t stay quite this hot for long. 

I haven’t really seen much of Arizona yet, we came quite quickly from the airport to the RV pickup place, what I did see was lots of very barren hot land and several large cacti, and I’m sure I will grow to love the air conditioning unit in the van.

We now await the time when someone calls our name and we can hit the road, I have watched Doctor Who for the third time trying to spot clues as to what will happen next week to try and pass the time, although I know I have a perfectly good book in my bag. 

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t apprehensive about the trip, I don’t know whether at the end of it we will be so fed up of each others company that I will turn into one of those teenagers that locks himself in his bedroom and only comes out to eat or whether if it will bring us all closer together.  Also this is probably the longest I have ever spent away from home and I already miss several things, but predominantly I miss my girlfriend, Amy.

By Alex Clarke

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