We Are The Road Crew

02 July 2008

My apologies to Motörhead for my re-write of We Are The Road Crew.

Another town another place,
Another camp, another base,
Another truck, another race.
I'm eating junk, feeling bad,
Another night, I'm going mad,
My girl's at home, I feel sad.
But I just love the life I lead,
The internet is what I need,
Another book I have to read.

We Are The Road Crew.

Another town I've left behind,
Another power cord to wind,
Another campsite I can't find.
Another WiFi code for you,
Another problem, something new,
Another toll-booth to get through.
Another way I can relax,
With the sun on my back,
Another bag I must unpack.

We Are The Road Crew.

Another campsite we can't burn,
Another water hose to turn,
Another US map to learn.
Another truckstop on the way,
Another game that I can play,
Another word I learn to say.
Another crust of bread to toast,
Another card I've got to post,
Until I reach the other coast.

We Are The Road Crew.

By Alex Clarke

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